We'll try to post most of the major changes here.


  • Database 2021-01-04 finally added, took a few more days than expected.
  • Future databases (after 2021-01-04) will also show polygons where boundary=historic.
  • In the tree view, polygons that do not have boundary=administrative now uses a different color (brownish).
  • Added a selection box to choose if the name in the tree view should prioritize field name or name:en. The tree isn't re-ordered, it's always based on the default name.
  • Added link Show all tags to the map tooltip.
  • Added option to show land-only-polygons directly on the map. Be aware that they are more complex, larger, and slower.


  • Added database 2020-12-28.
  • Database 2021-01-04 will be added in a few days as well, currently processing in the background.
  • The backend now supports parameter srid which can be either 4326 (default) or 3857.
  • Plenty of backend rewriting regarding:
    • Import new data.
    • Processing SRID 3857.
    • Calculating land-only-polygons.
  • A database currently requires ~2 weeks of processing before we can put it live. In the future we would like to be able to put it live before the land-only-polygons have been processed, without those an import would only require around a day.


  • Storing local data in SRID 4326 instead of 3857. This makes the imports for us a lot slower, but it also increases the quality of the data.


  • Added database 2020-09-07.
  • Added Antarctica and territory parts of Antarctica.
  • Added polygons for boundary=disputed.
  • Added polygon for United States Minor Outlying Islands with a manual select (since we were in need of it ourselves).
  • Updated icons in the tree.
  • Polygon colors adjusted again since we now have polygons without any admin_level available.
  • A tool to import new database is ~30% done. More progress will be made upon the next database import.
  • Added context menu option to copy all selected IDs.
  • Added the ID to the map's tooltips.
  • Updated the documentation explaining what parts of OpenStreetMap we are importing.


  • Fixed a bug where the oldest database sometime was used instead of latest when Latest was selected.
  • Updated colors of the polygons, they should now be more distinguished from each other, and most important, admin level 10 isn't gray anymore.
  • Fixed z-index of polygons, higher admin level is now always above the lower ones.


  • Added a new database, OSM 2020-08-10. It seems that Thailand as a country is missing from the OSM data for some reason, it seems to be out of our control. If you need Thailand (administrative level 2), use another database with the database selector below the map.
  • Administrative boundaries which didn't have neither parents or children hasn't been available in the tree view, due to a design error in our end. This release should fix that.
  • Due to major changes in the data structure, the older databases will be temporary disabled for 1-2 days while we rebuild some data.


  • There are now a new(er) version of OSM data available. The extract is from August the 3rd.
  • There is a select box below the map where you can select which data-set you wish to use. Currently two available, May and August.
  • We added a Feedback button linking to UserEcho. Questions, feature requests and bug reports are most welcome there.
  • We now have both a Live and a Development environment. Which was about time. No more live editing the site.


  • Site moved from dedicated hardware to a virtual machine. This is actually an improvement in the sense of performance. The dedicated hardware was used as a temporary solution under the initial development.


  • Add external links to OpenStreetMap for OSM relations.


  • Added oAuth to

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