OSM-Boundaries was created to enable users to easily extract boundaries such as country borders, state borders, and equivalents from the OpenStreetMap databases. We aim to enable this with a visually appealing, fast, and interactive user interface. Our primary goal is to allow our users to easily preview the data within their web-browsers — to better understand the administrative structure of, to them, less-known countries.

The download process supports downloading specific boundaries, complete countries, multiple countries, or more specific filtering. This is to provide the users with the data that they actually need. There are also different options for the output formats.

The downloaded data itself follows the license of OpenStreetMap; see the Open source link in the footer for more information. If you use data extracted from us, we greatly appreciate if you provide a link to us as the source for the data.

We strive to import data from OpenStreetMap on a montly basis. The data imported will be served as is; we do not manipulate or "fix" the data. We provide historical versions of the data to provide workarounds against faulty edits in OpenStreetMap.


We rely on the user accounts of OpenStreetMap.org. You can authenticate by using OAuth technology. We will not be able to access your e-mail address. In general we are only using your user-id and username from OpenStreetMap. Without being authenticated you can view the data, but not download it. To download data you must be authenticated via OpenStreetMap.org.


This site is operated by Ground Zero Communications AB, a company registered in Sweden.

It should be told that we do not carry any deep knowledge in the OpenStreetMap data itself. A big part of creating this site has been to start understanding the structure and data of OpenStreetMap.


This site was created to cover our own needs initially. We have other projects that relies on data from OpenStreetMap and we needed an easy way to view and extract boundaries online. After creating the site we chose to make it public and available to others.


We have connected the site to UserEcho. Please add any Questions, Bug reports and Feature requests there. You can easily access it via the green Feedback button on the right side.


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Since it's easier to keep track of user feedback we generally prefer that you use UserEcho for that. See the above Feedback section for more information.